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The Web
Blake's 7, episode 5 (1.5)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Gareth Thomas   IMDB   Roj Blake
Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Michael Keating   IMDB   Vila Restal
Sally Knyvette   IMDB   Jenna Stannis
Jan Chappell   IMDB   Cally
David Jackson   IMDB   Olag Gan
Michael E. Briant   IMDB
Terry Nation   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 1.2

The Liberator runs into a web created by psionic means; the crew meets the race of genetically-engineered Decimas.
The Liberator starts to accelerate unexpectedly under control of an unexplainable gravitational pull. The crew eventually bring the Liberator back under control, but the ship is enveloped in a gossamer fungus holding the ship frozen in space.

Blake is then contacted by renegades of Cally's world, called the Lost. Blake teleports down and encounters two of the Lost and a race of hostile out-of-control creations called the Decimas.

The base is running out of energy and the Lost propose a trade - energy cells in exchange for a way out of the Web that envelopes the Liberator.

However, it becomes clear that the Lost intend to wipe out the rapidly evolving race of Decimas with their new supply of energy, so Blake refuses to give up the required energy cells. The Decimas gain entry to the base, overrunning it and destroying the Lost.
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