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Blake's 7 #006: Seek-Locate-Destroy [Title Image] Previous Next | Votes: 2 | Points: Awaiting 3 votes | Log On to vote
Blake's 7, episode 6 (1.6)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Gareth Thomas   IMDB   Roj Blake
Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Michael Keating   IMDB   Vila Restal
Sally Knyvette   IMDB   Jenna Stannis
Jan Chappell   IMDB   Cally
David Jackson   IMDB   Olag Gan
Guest Cast:
Jacqueline Pearce   IMDB   Servalan
Stephen Greif   IMDB   Travis
Peter Miles   IMDB   Rontane
Vere Lorrimer   IMDB
Terry Nation   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 1.2

The crew steals a Federation deciphering unit, only to leave Cally behind. Travis finds her alive and holds her hostage.
The Liberator arrives at Centero, a planet hosting a strategic Federation Communications Centre. Blake, Vila, Gan, Avon and Cally attempt to break in, and steal the vital cypher machine that will enable them to read all the Federation's messages.

They sabotage the centre to cover their tracks and leave, but Cally is left behind after loosing her communicator in a fight with a guard.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Commander of the Federation forces, Servalan, assigns the ruthless Space Commandor Travis to find and destroy Blake and the Liberator, using Cally as bait.

Travis insists on three experimental, Sunburst class, high speed pursuit ships crewed by genetically modified humans called mutoids. Realising Blake has captured the cypher machine, Travis sends a fake high security message about Cally, in order to lay a trap for Blake and the others.

Blake manages to fool Travis arrives in time to save Cally and teleport back to the Liberator.
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