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Blake's 7 #009: Project Avalon [Title Image] Previous Next | Votes: 3 | Points: 8 | Log On to vote
Project Avalon
Blake's 7, episode 9 (1.9)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Gareth Thomas   IMDB   Roj Blake
Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Michael Keating   IMDB   Vila Restal
Sally Knyvette   IMDB   Jenna Stannis
Jan Chappell   IMDB   Cally
David Jackson   IMDB   Olag Gan
Guest Cast:
Jacqueline Pearce   IMDB   Servalan
Stephen Greif   IMDB   Travis
Glynis Barber   IMDB   Mutoid
Michael E. Briant   IMDB
Terry Nation   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 1.3

Another freedom-fighter, Avalon, is held hostage by Travis, in a plot to take the Liberator undamaged.
Travis engineers another deadly plan to destroy Blake and the Liberator and even Servelan believes it cannot fail.

Blake and the crew head toward a Federation planet with an active resistance unit, headed by the mysterious Avalon. Unfortunately, Travis and his Mutoid crew arrive first, and ambush a resistance meeting, killing most of the activists and capturing Avalon.

Blake and Jenna teleport down, find a survivor and determine to rescue Avalon before she breaks down under interrogation and names all the resistance leaders in the entire sector.

But Travis' scientists are constructing an android double of Avalon, with the specific intention to let the double be rescued. Once taken aboard the Liberator, it would then release a toxic fungus which would kill the crew and then disperse quickly, leaving the Liberator undamaged.

But the double is discovered and Avon alters the android's programming so that it tries to kill Servelan and Travis. The Liberator and her crew escape... but the android fails in its new mission.
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