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Blake's 7, episode 15 (2.2)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Gareth Thomas   IMDB   Roj Blake
Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Michael Keating   IMDB   Vila Restal
Sally Knyvette   IMDB   Jenna Stannis
Jan Chappell   IMDB   Cally
David Jackson   IMDB   Olag Gan
Jonathan Wright Miller   IMDB
Chris Boucher   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 2.1

Blake decides to enlist the aid of the Terra Nostra, the organised criminals of the Federation. And something strange is happening to Orac.
Blake wants a way to infiltrate the Federation on Earth itself, so decides to link up with the Terra Nostra - a drug cartel running from Space City.

Space City, also known as the satellite of sin, is home to anyone wanting pleasure and is also the base of the Terra Nostra. They control Shadow, a highly addictive drug that carries the death sentence just for possession.

Gan is very uneasy about using the Terra Nostra - repulsed at the drug dealing and not wanting to link up with such people - but Blake assures him they will use their resources and information just to attack the Federation.

Blake, Avon, Jenna and Gan teleport over to Space City to make contact with the Terra Nostra, leaving Cally and Vila to mind the shop.

But Vila persuades Orac to operate the teleport for him - but only if Vila hides Orac first. Once alone, Cally begins to get telepathic signals from Orac, confusing and frightening her - not knowing what is going on.

Blake soon discovers that its a trap; the Terra Nostra are just a front for the Federation, who are using Shadow as just another mind control drug. But with Cally's help, using the Liberator's neutron blasters on Space City, they manage to escape - taking two of the Space City residents with them. They decide to try to destroy the Shadow production plants on Zondar.

They then start to search for Orac, who is manipulating the Liberator's control systems and tormenting Cally who eventually falls into a coma.

Orac gets worse and suddenly Cally rushes to the teleporter, beaming down to Zondar. There, the special "moon disc" lifeforms help her, help her to break the link between her and Orac. Orac was being used by an alien lifeform from another universe, utilizing his carrier waves to access this universe. Once the link to Cally is broken, Orac fights off the invasion too, and returns to normal.
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