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Blake's 7, episode 24 (2.11)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Gareth Thomas   IMDB   Roj Blake
Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Michael Keating   IMDB   Vila Restal
Sally Knyvette   IMDB   Jenna Stannis
Jan Chappell   IMDB   Cally
Guest Cast:
John Leeson   IMDB   Toise
George Spenton-Foster   IMDB
Robert Holmes   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 2.4

Blake, Jenna & Cally search for the cyber-surgeon Docholli (who is said to know the location of Star One) on Freedom City, not knowing that Travis has already found him, and Servalan is looking for both Travis and Docholli. Avon and Vila invest their time...
Blake has traced Docholli - an ex-Federation Cyber Surgeon who reportedly knows the location of Star One - to Freedom City. Freedom City is one of the few neutral zones left in the Federation; often allowing runaways to hide out there and housing one of the richest casino's in the known galaxy. Blake knows both Servalan and Travis will also be after Docholli; in fact Travis is already there, acting as Docholli's bodyguard and waiting for Blake to show up. Blake, Jenna and Cally teleport down, leaving Avon and Vila onboard the Liberator.

Servalan arrives on Freedom City with Jarriere - her decidedly stupid Federation bodyguard. She meets up with Krantor, the showy ruler of Freedom City and announces she is here to find Docholli and Travis. Krantor offers to find them for her for four million credits per man.

Back onboard the Liberator, Avon and Vila are brooding about being left behind instead of going to Freedom City : the place that has everything a man ever dreams of. Avon hits on the idea of busting the casino - the Big Wheel. His plan is to take Orac with them and use him to manipulate the casino's computerised systems - allowing them to walk away with millions. Vila points out how big and Orac is, not built for smuggling into a casino. So Avon persuades Orac to demonstrate the process of stabilized atomic implosion - reducing his size to 1/8th the original.

Travis is captured by Krantor's men and delivered to Servalan, who places a small bomb inside Travis' mechanical arm. She knows Travis will head for Docholli as soon as he realises his arm isn't functioning properly and the bomb will detonate. Blake, Jenna and Cally begin their search, entering a rough bar as some of Crantor's men are questioning Chenie, the bar owner, about Docholli. Cally and Jenna cause a distraction allowing Blake to determine Docholli was once in the bar. Chenie has arranged for Docholli to ship out on a friendly planet hopper, allowing him to hide.

In the Casino, Avon and Vila witness a space trekker make the ultimate bet, risking his life at speed chess against the resident champion - The Klute. The Klute wins and gets to electrocute the trekker. Avon and Vila begin their task, Vila placing the bets on the roulette wheel as Avon passes on Orac's instructions via their communicators. Vila is winning a lot of money!

Blake sees Travis heading in the direction of the docking bays, carrying Docholli's medical tools. Krantor's men are also on his trail. Back in the Casino, after winning millions, the wheel is prematurely closed down and Krantor takes Vila away for a drink and to get his money. In fact, Vila is drugged and put up against the Klute at speed chess! He has no choice but to play.

In the docking bay, Travis quickly kills Krantor's goons, finding out about the bomb in his arm from they dying men. Blake also appears, forcing Travis to drop his weapon and Docholli begins to explain about the location of Star One. Docholli operated on thirty of the technicians who built Star One. In order to protect them, he wiped their minds, erasing their lives, knowing they would always be in danger. But he faked the last operation and took a copy of the patients brain print, which his partner took with him. The print is now supposed to be on a thong around the neck of the chief of the planet Goth.

Vila, with Orac's help, forces a draw, doubling his winnings. Avon, Vila and Orac leave quickly, teleporting back to the Liberator, just as Blake, Jenna and Cally call for beam up - leaving Avon and Vila looking very sheepish.
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