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Blake's 7, episode 27 (3.1)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Josette Simon   IMDB   Dayna Mellanby
Guest Cast:
Richard Franklin   IMDB   First Trooper
Steven Pacey   IMDB   Del Tarrant
Vere Lorrimer   IMDB
Terry Nation   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 3.1

After holding off the Andromedans until the Federation fleet gets there, the Liberator is so badly damaged that the crew must abandon ship until the auto-repair can fix it up. Avon lands on Sarran with Orac, where he meets Dayna, and someone else much more familiar...
The intergalactic war is over with humanity having prevailed, but major losses are felt throughout the galaxy. The Federation's fleet is decimated, Star One has been destroyed and the Liberator is badly damaged. So major are the required repairs and with the life support failing, the crew have no option but to temporarily abandon ship until the auto-repair circuits can restore the ship. Blake and Jenna head off together in an escape capsule as Avon, Cally and Vila struggle to escape the damaged ship. After a small explosion, Avon is rendered unconscious, but Cally and Vila manage to get him into his capsule - along with Orac - and launch him to safety.

Avon's capsule lands on Sarran, a remote planet inhabited by a developing race of people, still in their tribal period. After a brief fight with a native, he is rescued by Dayna, who takes him to a place of refuge. She reveals she, her father and he sister live on the planet in an underground base, after fleeing from the Federation. They return to the crash site to collect Orac, then begin the journey to the base's entrance. But they are surprised by Servalan, who has also crashed on the planet. Dayna warns them of an approaching group of Sarrans, so they quickly run to the bases entrance, shutting themselves in.

Dayan takes Servalan to get cleaned up as Avon meets Hal Mellanby. Once Avon reveals who he is, Mellanby talks about his past. A Federation weapons expert who was supplying guns to the resistance fighters. He was pulled in by the authorities and questioned about his actions, loosing his eyesight during the process. He now has to wear a special seeing device on his chest to give him partial eyesight. His hope is that Servalan doesn't remember who he is.

The base is attacked by the Sarrans, so Mellanby, Dayna and he sister Lauren head out of a second exit to investigate. Using a painful energy beam, they drive them off, but Lauren waits behind to make sure they do not return. Avon is left alone in the base and activates Orac, using his carrier wave to communciate with Zen. Repairs are proceding well and the crew have begun to call in. Blake is uninjured but his locator was out of action. Jenna is onboard a hospital ship with superficial injuries, but her location is also unknown. Neither Vila or Cally have reported in. Avon orders the Liberator to hurry in and pick him up; to operate the teleport as soon as it enters orbit. Zen also notes that an unknown ship is about to dock. Avon almost orders it destroyed, but holds back, thinking it might be Vila or Cally returning. The communication link with Zen is cut as the ship docks.

Avon and Dayna retire for the night, leaving Mellanby alone, waiting for Lauren. She won't return however, as she has been captured by the Sarran leader. Servalan enters and heads towards Orac, but Mellanby is ready for her, gun in hand. She reveals she knows who he is and she convinces him the Federation is finished. Just as he lowers his gun, she produces her own, blowing his electronic seeing device away. She taunts him for a short while, before shooting him again and taking off with Orac. Mellanby's dying breath is to warn Avon and Dayna, who come running in.

They head out, searching for Servalan. On their hunt, they come across Lauren, dead and tied to a stake. Servalan has hidden Orac but is soon caught by the Sarrans and tied, like Lauren, to a stake. Avon heads to get her back, knowing he must have Orac. She refuses to disclose Orac's hiding place until Avon hands her his teleport bracelet. Once free, she leads them to the buried Orac, which they soon recover. Servalan is distracted by the attacking Sarrans, allowing Avon and Dayna to recover the bracelet, just as they are teleported to the Liberator. Servalan rushes back to the underground base, to await her rescue.

Once onboard the Liberator, Avon relaxes, only to be surprised by Tarrant, a Federation Captain, who demands to know what they are doing onboard his salvaged ship!
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