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Blake's 7, episode 28 (3.2)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Michael Keating   IMDB   Vila Restal
Jan Chappell   IMDB   Cally
Josette Simon   IMDB   Dayna Mellanby
Steven Pacey   IMDB   Del Tarrant
Guest Cast:
Michael Sheard   IMDB   Klegg
David Maloney   IMDB
Terry Nation   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 3.1

Avon and Dayna return to the Liberator, only to find it already occupied by a squad of Federation troopers!
Avon and Dayna have arrived back on the newly repaired Liberator, only to find it is already occupied by Federation troops, lead by Captain Tarrant and Section Leader Klegg and another guard, Harmon. The small group of Federation troops had boarded the ship and attempted to take control, but none of the systems would respond. The ship appeared to be following a fixed course. Avon bluffs his way round the investigation, saying they docked some time ago, exhausted from the intergalatic battle and had settled into a cabin to rest.

Tarrant guides them to the flight deck, explaining that every hour a distress call comes in and the ship alters course, homing in on the beacon. Klegg wants them to speak to Zen, to see if it reacts to their voice patterns, proving if they are part of the original crew. Avon refuses, stating he is a loyal Federation citizen and does not deserve to be treated this way. Klegg insists though and Dayna talks Zen and is cleared, but before Avon can speak, Tarrant smashes him and Dayna over the head with his gun, claming they were about to go for a weapon. Avon and Dayna are dragged off to a cabin to recover, just as Vila makes contact with the ship.

Vila is on a strange planet; his arm is hurt and he's very nervous. Animal noises are coming from the surrounding forest and he starts talking to himself, hoping to give the illusion of having many armed men with him. It doesn't work though, as one of the natives, Lom, surprises him. Lom is friendly and helps to fix Vila's arm as the silent Mall also comes into view. They reveal they are in danger from hunters and must more to a more secure place.

Back on the Liberator, Avon and Dayna come round in the cabin. Avon manages to break the lock, but they soon discover a dead Federation guard outside their cabin. They run off, as Klegg and Tarrant enter, finding the body. Avon and Dayna enter an inspection tunnel, which links up with other tunnels leading all over the ship.

The scene switches to a strange shaped ship coming into land on a planet. Its a hospital ship and one of the many patients is Cally, lying on a bed wearing a face guard, repairing some minor skin burns. Her nurse reveals they have collected sixty four survivors from the space battle and after this pickup they will be heading home to the planet Chenga - a neutral planet. The ship rocks again as they take off, having picked up their passenger, who turns out to be Servalan.

Avon and Dayna head to the escape capsule area and Avon begins to check then for damage. However, they mistakenly left their inspection tunnel visible and its discovered by Harmon and another guard. Harmon rushes off to get the others and when they lift the cover from the tunnel, all they discover is the dead guard. Dayna then fires her gun to get the guards attention and Avon launches a life capsule and they then rush back to their original cabin, knowing they should be safe there for a while.

Vila, Lom and Mall are being hunted by some strange creature. Mall notes there are two of them and suddenly Lom is hit by a blow dart, falling unconscious. Mall picks him up and hurries off, with Vila trailing in his wake. He's soon lost and cornered by the hunters, who turn out to be two women, Zee and Barr. They explain they collect the natives and bring them into the city, then help them adjust to a more civilised way of life, which Vila approves of. They fix his arm properly and head off to the city, promising him food.

Avon is trying to work out who is killing the Federation troops. He also knows he must get to the flight deck to find out where the ship is heading. Leaving Dayna in the cabin he stealthily finds his way to the flight deck. He quizzes Zen on the system status which reveals the ship is now fully functional and is following the rescue programme. Blake has made contact and is safe and enroute to Epheron. Jenna has some injuries, and is on a cargo ship heading for Morphenniel. Cally hasn't been able to make contact, but Vila is in grave danger on the planet Chenga. Zen is therefore giving his rescue the highest priority and will be able to teleport him up in just over 3 hours. Avon leaves the flight deck as an unconscious Dayna is dragged in.

Avon is also caught entering the cabin, by Harmon and Tarrant, who reveals he has suspected who Avon is from the start. A fight ensues, but Avon is surprised when Tarrant kills Harmon. Tarrant reveals he is a Federation trained pilot turned smuggler, who has been wanted by the Federation for a long time. He came across the uniform after the battle, giving him a higher rank than Klegg - much to Klegg's annoyance. But as Avon and Tarrant are discussing what to do, they are overheard by another Federation guard who runs off to inform Klegg.

Back on Chenga, Vila enters the domed city and begins to get his barings. Cally also enterers and they are both ushered to a medical facility to have their wounds checked. Servalan herself stays behind, demanding to talk to the rulers of the city. She goes back and finds Cally and Vila, who by now have been given special medicine and are laying on two hospital beds. Servalan reveals she now knows the basis of Chenga and why they searched the battle area for survivors. They are collecting human tissue and organs for their own use. Vila and Cally find they are paralised and are prepared for surgery.

On the Liberator, Klegg has gathered his remaining troops and Dayna in the teleport area, waiting for Avon and Tarrant to show up. Avon goes in and surrenders, offering to help capture Tarrant. As Tarrant comes in, Avon appears to give his gun to Klegg, but instead starts a fight, with Dayna, Tarrant and Avon overcoming the Federation troops.

Just as Cally and Vila are about to be killed, the Liberator comes into orbit and they are teleported onboard to safety. Avon now has Cally and Vila back and Tarrant and Dayna are introduced to Zen, becoming full crew members of the Liberator.
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