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Dawn of the Gods
Blake's 7, episode 30 (3.4)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Michael Keating   IMDB   Vila Restal
Jan Chappell   IMDB   Cally
Josette Simon   IMDB   Dayna Mellanby
Steven Pacey   IMDB   Del Tarrant
Desmond McCarthy   IMDB
James Follett   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 3.2

An unexpected trip into a "black hole" brings the Liberator crew face to face with a legend of Auron.
The Liberator is sailing through space as the crew try to relax with a few games, when the ship starts to deviate from its course. Initially, Tarrant can't find any answers - all the ship's systems are operating perfectly - and the ship now begins to accelerate. They close in on sector 12, a totally uncharted area of the galaxy as Tarrant shuts down the main drive to help determine their course. They soon realise they are heading for a black hole - and cannot change course.

This black hole is significant in that it doesn't emit x-rays and Orac found this curious. So he decided to take a closer look and reprogrammed the flight controls to bring the ship in closer. As they get closer, alarms go off as the speed and power drain pull down the ships shields, massive distortion is felt, but suddenly there is quiet. The Liberator is still and the crew begin to come round - all bar Cally. The ship appears to have moved through the centre of the black hole; no space co-ordinates can be gathered and Orac has taken control of the ship.

As Cally recovers, someone called The Thaarn reaches out to her telepatically, an image from a childhood story. On the flight deck, Tarrant and Avon begin to look for answers. Tarrant fires off two shots from the main blasters, but the shots rebound back to the ship. Cally appears back on the flight deck, seemingly recovered and Avon decides that they need to look around outside - sending Vila out in a space suit.

Vila exits the ship, and finds them on solid ground. Debris from old spacecraft litter the area but Vila is suddenly attacked and looses contact with the Liberator. Tarrant also goes outside and finds Vila, sitting up, having discovered there is a breathable atmosphere. They re-enter the ship and perform some scans on some of the debris. All the hurculanium has been stripped from the debris - which is the same metal the Liberator's hull is manufactured from. The crew know whoever pulled the ship here will come back for the metal in the hull.

Cally, Avon, Vila and Tarrant move outside the ship, as something approaches, lights flashing. It turns out to be a small buggy, with a man onboard - Caliph. He reveals they are on Krandor, an artifical planet ruled by Thaarn. He tells them he is the negotiator for compensation for the Liberator. They refuse, but are soon captured, as is Dayna. In their cell, Cally reveals that Thaarn is an old God of Auron, her home planet. He became jealous of the telepathic power the Auronites were given, and killed one of his fellow gods. The five gods then sent him beyond space and time - where the Liberator's crew appear to find themselves now.

Avon and Tarrant are put to work with Groff, working on a gravity generation system which needs the herculanium. Groff is from a frontier world, who was also pulled into the planet Krandor. Meanwhile, Cally is being questioned by the Thaarn, who reveals to her his plans. He wants to use his new gravity generator to move planets and stars, to control the galaxy. Two guards who enter the Liberator looking for Orac are killed by Zen's self defense system.

Cally persuades the Thaarn to switch off his protection systems, so she can see him for real. But as he does, she begins to fire with her gun. This also gives Avon and Tarrant time to escape. Groff helps, by trying to force the gravity generator into reverse. They all manage to reach the Liberator as Groff moves the switch, throwing the Liberator back into normal space and to freedom.
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