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Blake's 7 #032: City at the Edge of the World [Title Image] Previous Next | Votes: 1 | Points: Awaiting 3 votes | Log On to vote
City at the Edge of the World
Blake's 7, episode 32 (3.6)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Michael Keating   IMDB   Vila Restal
Jan Chappell   IMDB   Cally
Josette Simon   IMDB   Dayna Mellanby
Steven Pacey   IMDB   Del Tarrant
Guest Cast:
Colin Baker   IMDB   Bayban the Butcher
Vere Lorrimer   IMDB
Chris Boucher   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 3.2

A mysterious ancient city on Keezarn holds a treasure - but it's not the kind you can take away with you.
The Liberator crew desperately needs to find some special crystals for the ship's weaponry system, so Tarrant makes a deal with the natives of an old planet to collect the rare crystals. In exchange, they are to lend them Vila for a special task. Vila is true to form and against leaving the ship, but after being threatened by Tarrant, agrees to teleport to what Orac now calls the planet Kezarn.

On Vila's arrival, he's met by two of the natives - silent and serene. They lead him through the hills to their city. Cally teleports down to collect the crystals - kept in a small box. But Avon is suspicious, so Cally fires her gun ata nearby rockface, spilling some loose rubble onto the box - which prompty explodes. She teleports back to the Liberator, but now they have no crystals and no Vila.

Vila arrives at the strange city to find it apparently deserted. After wandering around for a short while he comes across Kerril, a woman dressed in battle fatigues who escorts Vila to meet with Bayban. Known as Bayban the Beserker and Bayban the Butcher, who claims to have been working his way up the Federation's wanted list long before Blake came onto the scene.

Bayban explains that he tricked Tarrant into delivering Vila so that he could open a special locked door. All the natives say is that behind it is "It contains this world and the next". Bayban believes this means that all the planets jewels and money is held behind that door. Which is why he wants Vila to open it.

Avon and Cally teleport down and begin to look for Vila. They head towards the only settlement in the area. All of the natives the encounter, however, politely ignore them. They seem totally disinterested in the two from the Liberator. Meanwhile Vila has begun to work on the locked door, watched by Kerril. Vila explains that its not really a door at all, but a force wall made to reflect all energy back. He sets up a laser probe with the correct energy set up and sits back to wait. Kerril asks him how he knew she was there watching him... and Vila badly tries to lie, knowing he smelled her first!

Kerril returns to Vila, all cleaned up and dresses in a new outfit, which Vila finds very alluring. He is almost unable to keep his eyes off her, but has too as suddenly the force wall collapses, leading to a dark corridor. Vila and Kerril venture in, just as the force wall re-appears. Vila isn't worried, feeling certain that whoever built the force wall wouldn't hurt them. They continue down the corridor, as back outside, Avon and Cally capture three of Bayban's guards and question them on the location of Vila.

Bayban is furious regarding Vila and Kerril's sudden dissapearance. He quickly orders the city searched, but the guards fail to find them. So he orders his ship's laser cannon be brought to the city. Vila and Kerril approach another door, which leads to a small room. Kerril ventures in and dissapears and despite Vila's misgivings, he follows too, through a form of teleport system, arriving in a brightly lit room. A voice booms out, explaining that they are now on a space ship, programmed to look fora new world for the natives. If it has landed, the outer door will open and trigger both ends of the teleport system to do the same. As there seems no way out, the ship must still be in space - trapping Vila and Kerril.

Back on the Liberator, Avon and the remaining crew are planning how to get past Bayban. Using Orac to operate the teleport, all 4 crew members teleport to the surface. They begin to fight the guards, with some of Dayna's extra explosives helping out. Meanwhile Vila is confused as to why they are still alive. The air should have run out. He realises that the outer door is open, but is blocked by another forcewall - one that allows air to bleed through it. Grabbing a special tool he brings the forcewall down, revealing a new planet.

With the crew winning the battle against Bayban's forces, they manage to surprise Bayban. Dayna is left to guard him as they try to find Vila. He is relaxing on the new planet, and manages to find some of the special crystals he came her to get. Kerril is disappointed, surprised to see that Vila wants to go back. Reluctanly, Kerril agrees to return, and they soon appear before a startled Liberator crew.

As the return the whole city lights up and the natives begin to enter, using the newly opened gateway to head to their new home. The city starts to break down, explosives going off and Bayban manages to escape - heading for his ship. Kerril wants to go with the natives and asks Vila to go with her. Avon gives him a teleport bracelet and tells him they will wait on the ship. Vila tells Kerril he can't go with her - as there isn't anything to steal. He is a thief and its the only thing he's good at, its part of who he is and needs it to be happy. He has to stay with the Liberator. She kisses him, and heads off, causing the forcewall to reappear.

Bayban comes back in, screaming with rage, and jumps on the laser cannon. Vila tries to warn him, knowing the force wall will reflect the energy back. He manages to teleport just in time, as the city is destroyed. Once onboard the Liberator, Tarrant is quick to apologise for forcing him to teleport down, and Vila then reveals the crystals he found on the new planet - ideal for the Liberator's weapons.
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