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Children of Auron
Blake's 7, episode 33 (3.7)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Paul Darrow   IMDB   Kerr Avon
Michael Keating   IMDB   Vila Restal
Jan Chappell   IMDB   Cally
Josette Simon   IMDB   Dayna Mellanby
Steven Pacey   IMDB   Del Tarrant
Guest Cast:
Harry Fielder   IMDB   Federation Trooper
Andrew Morgan   IMDB
Roger Parkes   IMDB
DVD   Blake's 7 DVD 3.3

A call for help from Auron prompts the Liberator to go in aid. But the alien pathogen was part of Servalan's trap.
In deep space, Servalan's ship closes on a small C-Type patrolling ship from Auron. They surreptitiously disable the Auronite's ship and bring it on board. When the pilot meets with Servalan, she gives him a special liquid to drink, which carries a plague infectious to the Aurons. The pilot is then sent on his way... heading for Auron.

As the ship closes on Auron, the flight controllers are unable to make contact with the ship - the pilot is now dead, his skin covered in weeping sores. But the flight control continues to bring the ship - landing it on automatics.

The scene cuts to the Liberator, where the ship's crew have been discussing revenge. They are on a direct course for Earth, where Avon wants to find someone called Shrinker - a Federation investigator - who Avon has a personal score to settle. But Cally begins to receive a powerful mind contact with her people on Auron. She feels they are dying and must go to help. On Auron, they deduce the plague is caused by an alien pathogen, left over from the intergalactic war. Cally's sister, Zelda, is still on Auron and it is her sending the call for help to Cally. Despite Avon's feelings of a trap, they set course for Auron.

Servalan's ship closes on Auron and she begins to discuss her plans with Deral and Ginka, her current advisors. She points out the bio-replication plants, which are used to clone the people of Auron. Deral understands, realising she wants to use these clone plants herself, although she's adamant her real reason for infecting Auron is to gain control of the Liberator. Her ship contacts Auron and offers medical aid and is soon docked on the planet.

On the Liberator, Avon and Tarrant are utilizing Orac to gain information on the current Auron situation. Orac reveals that the cloning system - developed by Clinician Franton - is the reason for the Auron's telepathy. Auron has been isolated for so long, that the inhabitants have no resistance to disease. The Liberator closes on Auron, but she is already spotted by Servalan's ship.

Clinician Franton's daughter heads onto Servalan's ship and is soon cured of the plague. They explain that the disease alters itself depending on the host tissue, so that all the infected will have to board Servalan's ship to be cured, rather than setting up a treatment facility on Auron. Meanwhile, Avon, Cally, Tarrant and Dayna teleport down to Auron, with Dayna quickly returning with Patar, an infected Auron whom they hope to treat with Orac's help.

Servalan heads to the bio-replication plant, where Zelda and Franton are working to save the tissue banks - so far unaffected by the plague. She demands to use some of the plant's replication banks, in payment for her medical aid. They reluctantly agree to her request. Elsewhere, Tarrant, Avon and Cally are concerned to hear of the other ship which is giving aid - but they are soon jumped by Ginka, who takes their weapons and teleport bracelets.

Servalan gives her blood sample and leaves, heading back to the control complex, where she knows Avon will be, leaving Deral on guard. On the Liberator, Orac has found a cure and Dayna prepares to teleport down, when she also is shocked to hear of another ship giving aid. Servalan contacts the ship and tries to persuade Vila to surrender. After a short discussion with Dayna, Vila requests that Servalan teleport up to discuss things, but she instead sends Deral. He is soon captured, however, by Dayna.

Franton heads to the control complex, and helps Avon, Tarrant and Cally escape. They head for the bio-replication centres, the only place they know they will be safe. Servalan is now on back on her own ship, and quickly orders the control complex destroyed, furious that the Liberator's crew is again slipping through her fingers. Ginka insists on firing at the clone centres and tells Servalan that Deral switched her blood sample of his own. Aghast, she orders the centres destroyed. Dayna teleports down and provides bracelets to the other crew members and Franton, but Zelda rips hers off as they teleport up, insisting on staying with the growing foetuses.

The centre is destroyed and to Servalan's shock she feels her offspring die. Knowing Ginka lied, she kills him instantly. The Liberator sets off, to deliver Franton and her surviving batch of cloned cells to a new planet capable of sustaining life.
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