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Blake's 7 episode guide: PalmPilot Episode Guide (Requires JFile 5.5).

1st season
The Way Back
Org. Air Date: 02 Jan 1978
Life in the domed city of the future is secure and comfortable for Roj Blake until he discovers the nightmare that contradicts everything he knows and threatens to end his life on earth.

Seeking information about his family, Roj Blake accompanies a cou
Space Fall
Org. Air Date: 09 Jan 1978
The departure of the prison ship London is brought forward to ensure that Blake does not receive a reprieve, and the long journey to the prison planet Cygnus Alpha begins.

The guards are brutal and the long journey looks very unpleasent. Blake, with th
Cygnus Alpha
Org. Air Date: 16 Jan 1978
Using their new ship, the Liberator, Blake and his crew persue the London to the prison planet Cygnus Alpha.

During the voyage, the ship is searched and Avon discovers that the Liberator is equipped with a teleport device, so on their arrival at Cygnus
Time Squad
Org. Air Date: 23 Jan 1978
On their way to attack the Federation communications complex on the planet Saurian Major, Blake answers the distress call of a mysterious projectile, drifting in space.

The craft is found to contact a number of cryogenically frozen people and the crew
The Web
Org. Air Date: 30 Jan 1978
The Liberator starts to accelerate unexpectedly under control of an unexplainable gravitational pull. The crew eventually bring the Liberator back under control, but the ship is enveloped in a gossamer fungus holding the ship frozen in space.

Blake is
Org. Air Date: 06 Feb 1978
The Liberator arrives at Centero, a planet hosting a strategic Federation Communications Centre. Blake, Vila, Gan, Avon and Cally attempt to break in, and steal the vital cypher machine that will enable them to read all the Federation's messages.

Mission to Destiny
Org. Air Date: 13 Feb 1978
Finding the Ortega, an old Galaxy-class transport ship in a circular holding pattern in deep space, Blake, Avon and Cally teleport over to investigate.

There they find a drugged crew, a murdered pilot and evidence of sabotage. The crew are transporting
Org. Air Date: 20 Feb 1978
Travis' forces ensnare the Liberator in a lethal trap in orbit around a remote and unknown planet, but a power-draining forcefield renders both forces immovable.

Blake and Jenna, Travis and one of his Mutoid crew are ubducted by the planet's aliens, ta
Project Avalon
Org. Air Date: 27 Feb 1978
Travis engineers another deadly plan to destroy Blake and the Liberator and even Servelan believes it cannot fail.

Blake and the crew head toward a Federation planet with an active resistance unit, headed by the mysterious Avalon. Unfortunately, Travis
Org. Air Date: 06 Mar 1978
Gan's limiter brain implant places his life in jeopardy. The implant is designed to limit aggressive impusles, but when it malfunctions he attacks the crew and is in urgent need of neurosurgery.

The only source of the replacement parts and medical expe
Org. Air Date: 13 Mar 1978
President Sarkoff is a prisoner of the Federation on an unnamed planet. Sarkoff was the resistance leader on the planet Lindor.

Blake and Cally teleport down to the planet in order to rescue Sarkoff and return him to Lindor. After getting past numerous
Org. Air Date: 20 Mar 1978
Ensor has travelled to the Federation to get help for his father, also called Ensor, who needs new energy cells for his cardiac-support system. Something called Orac is to be used in exchange. However, on the way back to his father with a surgeon, Ensor's
Org. Air Date: 27 Mar 1978
Blake and his group decide that whatever Orac is, it could swing the balance of power against them, and decide they must stop the Federation from getting to it firstc. They seek out the reclusive computer genius Ensor who has created Orac, with the Federa
2nd season
Org. Air Date: 09 Jan 1979
Blake and the crew are shocked by Orac's prediction of the destruction of the Liberator. Blake reviews the explosion time and time again, trying to find something that stands out.

Avon is watching from the back of the room, seemingly enjoying Blake's d
Org. Air Date: 16 Jan 1979
Blake wants a way to infiltrate the Federation on Earth itself, so decides to link up with the Terra Nostra - a drug cartel running from Space City.

Space City, also known as the satellite of sin, is home to anyone wanting pleasure and is also the base
Org. Air Date: 23 Jan 1979
Blake, from a suggestion by Cally, decides to mount an attack on the Federation Weapons Development Base. She knows he's planning an attack on the Federation Central Control, so they will need as many weapons as possible.

At the same time, the Federati
Org. Air Date: 30 Jan 1979
The crew are suffering from various aliments; stomach cramps, headaches and back pains, all caused by stress. They have been running for a long time, and desperately need a rest. This is when they come across the planet Horizon.

Horizon is a small plan
Pressure Point
Org. Air Date: 06 Mar 1979
Blake has made contact with Kasabi, a resistance leader on Earth and the Liberator is speeding to Blake's home planet. Blake wants to make a telling strike against the Federation - he aims to destroy Control, the Federation's computer nerve centre.

Org. Air Date: 13 Feb 1979
Blake has taken Gan's death badly and needs time alone to decide how to go on. He sets a course for the nearest planet with tolerable conditions, then teleports down, scrambling the system's co-ordinates after beaming.

Blake leaves a message for the cr
Org. Air Date: 20 Feb 1979
The Federation have recently changed their communications systems and the crew need a new special crystal which decodes the Federation's messages. They head for the planet Fosforon - home of one of the Federation's communication stations.

Avon and Vila
Org. Air Date: 27 Feb 1979
The Liberator is attacked by 8 pursuit ships which they manage to outrun, but they are actually being shepherded into a trap of 20 more of the Federation's crafts. Saved only by Jenna's flying skills and their force wall, they manage to survive long enoug
Org. Air Date: 06 Mar 1979
The episode starts on the planet Albian; like most planets its Federation controlled, but here a rebellion is underway. The battle rages as the Federation troops are pushed back. Tronos, Selson and Provine are left in the control room, listening to report
Voice from the Past
Org. Air Date: 13 Mar 1979
The Liberator is on course for Del Ten, a relaxation planet with a high concentration of beta particles. But Blake is beginning to act strangely, altering the course for the barren asteriod, PK One One Eight. When confronted, he slips into a trance, chant
Org. Air Date: 20 Mar 1979
Blake has traced Docholli - an ex-Federation Cyber Surgeon who reportedly knows the location of Star One - to Freedom City. Freedom City is one of the few neutral zones left in the Federation; often allowing runaways to hide out there and housing one of t
The Keeper
Org. Air Date: 27 Mar 1979
After learning from Docholli that the location of Star One is kept by Lurgen, the Liberator is soon in orbit around the planet Goth, the last known location of Lurgen. Avon is now encouraging Blake to hunt down Star One, so that the rebellion can start wi
Star One
Org. Air Date: 03 Apr 1979
Things are going badly wrong in Federation space. Spaceship autopilots are failing, weather control on the frontier planets is breaking down. The cause - a breakdown on Star One - the Federation's control and coordination centre. One massive computer with
3rd season
Org. Air Date: 07 Jan 1980
The intergalactic war is over with humanity having prevailed, but major losses are felt throughout the galaxy. The Federation's fleet is decimated, Star One has been destroyed and the Liberator is badly damaged. So major are the required repairs and with
Org. Air Date: 14 Jan 1980
Avon and Dayna have arrived back on the newly repaired Liberator, only to find it is already occupied by Federation troops, lead by Captain Tarrant and Section Leader Klegg and another guard, Harmon. The small group of Federation troops had boarded the sh
Org. Air Date: 21 Jan 1980
This episode begins with Tarrant and Dayna teleporting down to the planet Obsidian, looking for new recruits. The planet is strange in that is has an Volcano in the centre of the planet, slowly simmering away for the last 20 years. The planet was also uns
Dawn of the Gods
Org. Air Date: 28 Jan 1980
The Liberator is sailing through space as the crew try to relax with a few games, when the ship starts to deviate from its course. Initially, Tarrant can't find any answers - all the ship's systems are operating perfectly - and the ship now begins to acce
The Harvest of Kairos
Org. Air Date: 04 Feb 1980
The Liberator is being harried by Federation pursuit ships as Avon and Vila are searching for a special rock on an strange planet. Servalan is curious as to why Tarrant hasn't run, but before she can order the attack, one of her aides - Dastor - tells her
City at the Edge of the World
Org. Air Date: 11 Feb 1980
The Liberator crew desperately needs to find some special crystals for the ship's weaponry system, so Tarrant makes a deal with the natives of an old planet to collect the rare crystals. In exchange, they are to lend them Vila for a special task. Vila is
Children of Auron
Org. Air Date: 19 Feb 1980
In deep space, Servalan's ship closes on a small C-Type patrolling ship from Auron. They surreptitiously disable the Auronite's ship and bring it on board. When the pilot meets with Servalan, she gives him a special liquid to drink, which carries a plague
Rumours of Death
Org. Air Date: 25 Feb 1980
Org. Air Date: 03 Mar 1980
Org. Air Date: 10 Mar 1980
Org. Air Date: 17 Mar 1980
Org. Air Date: 24 Mar 1980
Org. Air Date: 31 Mar 1980
4th season
Org. Air Date: 28 Sep 1981
Org. Air Date: 05 Oct 1981
Org. Air Date: 12 Oct 1981
Org. Air Date: 19 Oct 1981
Org. Air Date: 26 Oct 1981
Org. Air Date: 02 Nov 1981
Org. Air Date: 09 Nov 1981
Org. Air Date: 16 Nov 1981
Org. Air Date: 23 Nov 1981
Org. Air Date: 30 Nov 1981
Org. Air Date: 07 Dec 1981
Org. Air Date: 14 Dec 1981
Org. Air Date: 21 Dec 1981